The Story

Based in Chicago, Be Kind Supply Co was founded by Diane H.

This journey dates back many years but the search for balance and self-discovery began when I desperately sought to live a truer more beautiful life. It required me to release the things that were holding on to me. The honest truth is that life had caused me to seize. I found myself wrapped in a blanket of constant grief. Until one day, I decided that the life I was living wasn't mine. That life belonged to guilt, fear, shame and trauma.  The reason life was too hard to live is because I often felt I was drowning and unfortunately I do not know how to swim.

I needed something. I needed me. I decided I wanted to live a full life. One that was worth living. 

This required extensive work. More work than I'd ever put forth into anything. Each day wasn't going to be easy. In the beginning, I knew I would still have more hard days than good. I started to fast. I started pouring myself into daily routines. There were days when I would start something and if I didn't finish I learned to extend grace. I started being kind... to me. The deep and uncomfortable self-work began. 

Throughout this process I was already deep into candle making. I had a name, a logo, a concept and started testing. I couldn't fully connect with this brand because the aesthetic was dark. Images, mood board, branding, it was all a reflection of what I was feeling at that time. What I was trying to escape from. I kept praying asking for guidance. And while sitting on the living room floor the name Be Kind Supply Co came to me. It was sent to me. The entire concept was poured out of me and into production. A few months prior, I was unknowingly building out the mood board for BKSC still under the old business name. Everything went from dark to earth tones. And almost immediately I understood the direction I was being led to go.  One year ago, I sat in an office and posted a sign at my desk that read "be kind". There wasn't any connection. Or so I thought. I was being led to this form of self-discovery for some time but it wasn't until I sought direction that I began to pour into this empty vessel. 


If this sparked anything in you while reading I hope that you pour into you. Be Kind to you. Wake up every day and make those tough decisions that will eventually become second nature. You are here to save you. Move out of your own way. Let those thoughts go. Forgive yourself and be present. 

We are all waiting for you.


Be Kind...